How I made a winning GIF for #GIFITUP2021

Making a GIF from concept to completion 1. Come up with a concept For GIF IT UP 2021 I wanted one of my submissions to reflect on the past year, using cultural heritage material to make a new image that relates to our current world. 2021 felt like the year that the facemask was beingContinue reading “How I made a winning GIF for #GIFITUP2021”

Facemasks as inspiration: 3 ways

We’re all suddenly seeing a lot more facemasks in daily life than we’ve been used to. Before, on my walks I might expect to see laughing gas canisters, crisp packets and take-away boxes rumbling along the sidewalk gutters. Today, a new character joins the cast of castaways: the facemask, often disposable and light blue, butContinue reading “Facemasks as inspiration: 3 ways”