Collage art by Nisha Alberti

What I Do

Digital collage

I make collages using pictures available in the public domain.

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Analogue collage

I make analogue collages that are one of a kind.

Link to portfolio coming soon.

GIFs: moving images

Animating pictures to tell new and unexpected stories in GIF format.

Winner and runner up of GIF IT UP 2020!

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Other projects

Other creative projects include a photography series on new motherhood.


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You can find my work on a range of products, including mugs, notebooks and t-shirts.

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Take a look at my portfolio of analogue collages. Link coming soon!

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Resources for you

Get started and make collage art yourself

Use my curated collections

Take a look at my collections to get access to pictures you can use in collaging:

Collections on Rijksmuseum’s Rijksstudio

Where else to find pictures

This blog post explains where to start when looking for pictures to use in collage art.

Link coming soon.

Analogue collage: how to

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