Facemasks as inspiration: 3 ways

We’re all suddenly seeing a lot more facemasks in daily life than we’ve been used to. Before, on my walks I might expect to see laughing gas canisters, crisp packets and take-away boxes rumbling along the sidewalk gutters. Today, a new character joins the cast of castaways: the facemask, often disposable and light blue, but not always.

I’ve used the facemask as a project prompt, to see how this new character can inspire my art and thinking. Here are the results…

Hang in there (Digital collage)

Where facemasks are still uncomfortable and unfamiliar, could it be that one day we become so used to them that they’ll become a marker of comfort and ease?

Made with a print by James Tissot, 1880, from the Rijksmuseum

Got the blues? (Digital collage)

Blue plastic gloves and blue paper masks are a modern-day suit of armour maybe?

Made with a photograph by Anonymous, 1850-1900, from the Rijksmuseum

Surfacing (GIF)

Using the facemask as canvas makes the object, which can be seen to cover or hide expression, suddenly take on the opposite function, as something which communicates and is a vehicle for expression.

Published by scissorsandglueandyou

I am an Edinburgh-based digital collager with a masters degree in human geography. I like thinking about things (stuff, belongings, objects), walking (aimlessly, purposefully, tours, alone, together), and finding lost coins.

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