Online exhibition

A duo in solitude

Nisha Alberti

Waiting for him to fall asleep

In this online exhibition Nisha Alberti captures the time she spent on her own in the small hours learning to care for her new baby.

Calculating the right moment to put him back in his basket
Changing him

The photographs capture the exact amount of time each action takes. They show the energy each part of the duo expends: sometimes in harmony, sometimes in discord.

Returning to pump the breast he didn’t drink from
Getting comfortable

In the middle of the night you notice it the most, that new state of being, first discovered in pregnancy. You are alone, but not alone. The baby is there, you are not by yourself, but you are also not quite with someone either. You suddenly have company in your own solitude.

Nisha Alberti
Searching for a burp
Watching the moon while he takes his time

These photographs captured fading minutes in the early months of new motherhood. They are moments not witnessed by anyone and only splinters of them remain in my own memory.

Nisha Alberti