How to start doodling

A blank page can be pretty intimidating, and I’m pretty sure doodler’s block must be as real as writer’s block. To overcome the fear of a brand new notebook or the snowy expanse of a blank page, just follow these 3 easy steps to start doodling.

1. Take your pen for a walk across the paper.

Just let your hand move around the paper without your mind paying too much attention.


2. Take your eyes across the line.

Ddo you see anything that could be something else? Could that squiggle make a good nose? If that’s a nose, is there a squiggle for the mouth? What about eyes?


3. Make it work.

It’s okay to make new lines to make your doodle complete. Do whatever works for you.


Give it a go

Find yourself a piece of paper and start doodling! You can also download these tips as a PDF worksheet to share with others.

How to start doodling

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